Q: I can't seem to find the latest version, only the Beta which can't be modified. Where is the Download?

A: The D-Engine has yet to see a full release, there is nothing to download yet, sorry.
Q: I have a great idea for the engine!! How do I get you to include it in the next release?

A: The safest way to accomplish that is the corresponding Topic at the Dreamcast-Talk forum. That way you can also get some feedback from other Fighter enthusiasts. Practical, isn't it? For more Contact info check here.
Q: Can I use MUGEN fighters/stages/etc with Dolmexica?

A: No. Sorry bro, but the D-Engine has no support whatsoever for MUGEN. The various Dreamcast optimisations have made this impossible, so don't expect it to ever happen. But hey, let's not forget the D-Engine is pretty awesome by itself.
Q: Something something something Beats of Rage something something else?

A: Please no questions/comparisons/whatever with Beats of Rage. Yes, they're both moddable Dreamcast games, but that's as far as the similarities go. Well, except maybe that they are both awesome. For more info about OpenBOR check Lavalit, for more info on the original Beats of Rage, check back with Senile Team.
Q: Soooo, you and the Dolmexica release group, you are...?

A: ...Not one and the same, no. The only connection between the release group and the awesomesaucetacular engine is the name. And probably a shared love for quirky japanese games, since the term "Dolmexica" refers to a special artifact SEGA uses as its powers source in the Dreamcast game "Segagaga".
Q: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

A: No. Maybe yes, although it's very, very unlikely.


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