How to create a new Story for the Dolmexica Engine!!

1st Step: Preparing YOUR MIND!    
Survival and Arcade Mode just "do their thing". Dolmexica's coolest mode, the Story Mode allows you to define almost everything that happens. Each story is created for a single character, so keep in mind that selecting a new character will reset the mode and you have to start all over again! Anyway, this mode relies heavily on so-called STORY BOARDS, which are not discussed in detail here. Check the corresponding STORY BOARD tutorial for creating those.
This guide is pretty simple. All it takes is a text file and the Story-Mode-Dolmexiler, downloadable here, so let's get scratching.

2nd Step: Preparing the Header!    
The Story-Mode-Dolmexiler works EXACTLY like every other Dolmexiler, so to start, open an empty text file with a barebone ASCII editor, like Editor on Windows, or Mousepad on Linux. Every value you are going to declare consists of an initiator, a single space, an equal sign, another single space and the actual value in brackets. So if you had an initiator called SUPERCOOLVALUE which takes numbers as its input, it would look like this:


The input is not necessarily limited to numbers. For the list of initiators and the values they use, check below. We are going to start with the header data, so make sure to include each of the following identifiers:



The name of the character this story is made for. Just a quick reminder: The name of the character needs to be EXACTLY eight characters long.


Basically, this deals with the length of the Story Mode. During the next step, you are going to declare data for each single fight. BUT, you need to declare one more chunk of data (so in this example, three instead of two). This extra data deals with the STORY BOARD to be shown after the final fight.

3rd Step: Preparing the rest!    
Now, like FIGHT AMOUNT hinted, you need to declare data for each fight, as well as the ending. Each chunk of data starts with three minuses (---). Only put the minuses in FRONT of the data. Putting them after the data as well will result in the Freeze-ination of the Dolmexiler. So let's take a look at the identifiers:



The data for each fight starts with three minuses. There need to be FIGHT AMOUNT + 1 sections, the additional section deals with the ending.



The story board that is supposed to be played. Story boards are created with the Story Board tutorial, so check that one for more info about them. Anyway, set this value to [0] or leave it out entirely to not have a story board displayed.



The name of the stage to be used during the fight. This value is compulsory and can only be left out in the final chunk of data which deals with the ending.



Now, usually the location of the identifier does not matter, but this time it is very important that you include this one at the end of the section. You know, this value is very variable: You can include it as often as you like to add more characters to the pool of selectable enemies. On the other hand, you can leave it out entirely, to have the Engine choose from every character available. The CHARACTER ID is taken from the Character Select screen, so check the corresponding input text file of the character select screen to find out which ID belongs to which character. Should this text file not be available, you can find out the ID by looking at the final CHARACTERS.lst. The first character appearing in the file has the CHARACTER ID = [0], the second one has [1], and so on and so on.

Final Step: Dolmexiling!    
Save and close your text file to proceed with the final step:

Time to use the Story-Mode-Dolmexiler mentioned before! This newest Dolmexiler of mine has a super-cool bonus function allowing you to completely ignore all that command line hassle. You can simply drag and drop the text file you made on the executable to create your desired .sto file in the Dolmexiler's directory. Yup, that was it already.

Is it me, or was that the shortest tutorial ever? Anyway, in case you still have questions, check out some of the example files or try to contact me personally. 'Till then!

This side of the screen is completely useless.


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